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Selena Gomez

This morning I wake up to Austin, Zach and Robert run in my room screaming and jumping on my bed at 6 AM. I roll off the bed and we all laugh. We then walk out to the living room where Michele was handing us our plates of food. Austin and I then go in our rooms and change, before walking in the living room and wait for Dave and Michele to be ready to leave. Austin tweets a picture of Zach, Robert, him and I and the caption reads 'Going to Disneyland with my girl Dallas, Zach &Robert. Who's coming?' we all get lots of tweets from mahomies that are coming to see us, but Austin then gets a text message from Selena Gomez and it said 'Hey Austin, so I'm in Florida and will be at Disneyland maybe we all should chill?' Austin then reply's 'Yeah that would be fun text me when your here.'
We get to Disneyland when it opens at 8 AM, we start walking around when Austin gets a text from Selena. We meet up with her and her friends and start going on rides, we take pictures with fans and eat lots of food. It was really fun, I even got super close with Selena, she was like my celebrity BFF. Though out the day we talked about her and Justin as well as Austin & I. She said is was a super cool person to hangout with and gave me her cell number, I also gave her mine. We all then left the park when it closed. When we got back to Austin's I was texting her, a lot. She and I hung out at the beach by Austin's the next day.

It has been 3 days since Disneyland and I have been texting Selena a lot, I told Faith who is a hug Selena Gomez fan and she freaked out, since Selena is going to be in Pittsburgh on October 11th which is Faith's 17th birthday Selena is going to bring her backstage and she will get to hang out with her after the concert and with her opening acts during the concert. I only told Savannah who was going with her and bought the tickets for her for her birthday.


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