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Chapter 2

(Destiny's P.O.V)
*2 months later*
it was my first ultra sound and I was going to find out the sex of the baby.
I was sitting in the doctors office
"destiny" I got up and went into the office
"please lay down" he said
he put some the machine on my stomach I didn't want to look.
it was quick he gave me the picture
"congratulations you are having twins."
"twins?" I said
"yes" he said
"one of them is a girl and the other one is a boy." he said
I stayed quiet I wanted to cry this couldn't be happening
when I got home I stared to cry I didn't know what I was going to do with 2 babies and I am only 17 now.
I really wish Austin was here for me but that ass left me for his stupid music career.


how is the story?


You can give me the story.

Mahomie505 Mahomie505
Update?? ;'( miss this story
this is the most awesome story ever!
Leah Leah
Update?? You'll be the bestest person in the whole widest world!! ;) (i know i made no sense I that sentece but who cares!)
To : DirectionerandMahomie

I'm sorry but the chapters are to short . Try to make them like maybe let's say 100 sentences long.... It sounds a bit much but then you won't have to say sorry it the Authors not lol anyways people will be much happier if you did ... In other words really good story .. Needs longer chapters!!!

From Amicia_Styles
Amicia_Styles Amicia_Styles