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Everything Has Changed.

New kid.

Nicole's POV;
Ugh. Great just another day in hell. I woke up to kids laughing and screaming. You see I'm a foster kid. My parents didn't want me so they stuck me here, I was only 1 month old before my 'mother' decided she wanted to back to a life of partying and no responsibilities. But you get used to it, the feeling of being left and unwanted. I checked my phone and it was 6:30. SHIT! I jumped into the shower left my hair to curl naturally threw on a sweater, pulled on some skinny jeans, brushed my teeth grabbed my beanie and combat boots and left. I go to Turner High School, and it's really chliché. I mean you have your populars and Cholè is such a bitch. She's our very own Regina George, and Michael the QB who's sleeps with any girl who's willing. Then you have the middle class that nobody really knows, and then you have nerds like Marcel. And last but not least, you have me the outcast. I trudged into 1st period and slid silently into my seat in the very back of the room, secluded and lonely, just the way I liked it. But a gorgeous boy with hazel eyes walked in looked at me and class started. As I was on my way to my locker for my math books the new kid bumped into me. "Uhhh yes?" I mumbled as I picked my book out of my locker. He looked at me weird and said "My names Austin I'm new here sorry I didn't mean to bunp into you I just dont know where to go right now." I looked at him to see if this was some sort of sick joke but I saw he looked kind and I said "My names Nicole" he smirked and I awkwardly put out my hand for him to shake it but he pulled me into a hug. I awkwardly put my arms around him and he just laughed "Where are you headed to?" "Ma-math." And cursed myself for studdering. "Okay I'll see you around for lunch yeah?" I looked at him and said "maybe?" He gave me a weak smile and with that he was gone. I realized he was the first person I have ever talked to other than Victoria who is like my sister.


Hi guys!!!(: this is my first story!! Omgee lol but hope you guys like it!


please update soon its killing me not knowing who the mystery guy is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kmahone74 kmahone74

Update please!!

Austins girl 17 Austins girl 17

Update!!!!! Plz!!!!

AustinsBae AustinsBae

Please update now I want to know who is the mystery guy

What ze actual fudge nipples
Mystery people confuse me
Mimi_Mahomie Mimi_Mahomie